Project ToFEWSI

Towards a Fire Early Warning System for Indonesia

Extreme peat burning events in Indonesia, like the 2015 episode seen in the MODIS image of Sumatra and Borneo islands above, emit vast amounts of greenhouse gasses and have adverse effects on human health and ecosystems. ToFEWSI is developing a suite of climate-, hydrological- and agent-based modelling tools at landscape to regional-scales to predict the incidence of peat and forest fires in Indonesia. The project will help Indonesia to reduce local fire impacts and regional haze pollution, and meet its commitments under the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution and the Paris Climate Agreement on emissions reduction.
ToFEWSI is an international and multidisciplinary project involving researchers with diverse backgrounds from organizations located in Indonesia, UK and Canada. Among us we have experts in wildfire modelling, peatland hydrology, ecological modelling, earth observation, climate change, meteorology and many more. Meet the ToFEWSI team.